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Round 25, the first fight of the new year, and we have the current defender against a new recruit.

Our defender from last year, Ander Soth's Kusunoki Noriko is tall and slender, being a skilled acrobat and fighter. An expert with Eastern weaponry (and hair-pins) she makes a living as a bounty hunter, mercenary and assassin.

The new recruit is Phoenicorn's P-Con. He cant speak english (only talks through barn animal sounds. In all honesty nobody could understand him when he spoke english). He thought it would be a good Idea to dye his hair pink (it hasn't been washed in years). He got bored one day so decided to staple blades to his arms (no idea how he ddi the second arm), a wee bit of a womaniser (but in reality who wouldn't wanna date a half dead pink haired psycopath?). One year after stapling the blades to his arms he  noticed he kept on slashing the flesh from his legs, so he removed the flesh completely so it wouldn't happen again (makes sense if you think about it). He likes mexican food (nachos for all). He joined Fightclub to flirt with fit fighter women (and claim their boobz as trophies)

Both contestants must post one final image in the FINALS thread and minimum of two here in the FIP thread. The deadline for final images is Monday midnight UK time on 8th March (See the Fightclub Calendar for exact times.) Voting will then be open for two days. For full rules check them out here on the main blog page to the right.

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